The Whitetail Buck can be found in forested areas across the states. American Pronghorn Buck. Skin the animal to get the buck’s pelt and antler, and then take the carcass to the Trapper west from your current location. 1 Description 2 Tips 3 Crafting 4 Gallery 5 Video Guide 6 References 7 Related Content Grazing near Aurora Basin, this buck has gained a reputation for its bright white coat. Using our RDR2 recommended weapon you will need two shots to put the animal down. I’ve taken his groundwork and provided a more user-friendly experience that includes better map images from the RDR2 Map site and my own on-location … Like many of the other plants and herbs available to players in Red Dead Redemption 2, Burdock Root can be exceptionally useful in crafting specific items like Special Bitters. The big open areas to the south of Valentine are the best hunting spots. This buck does have massive antlers, which it will use to charge the player if it feels threatened. These fuzzy little mammals are fairly common common across the map, but their small size can make them trickier to spot so don’t blame yourself if you’ve missed them so far! The Legendary Buck is just one of the legendary animals available for capture in Red Dead Online. Bide your time and approach carefully. Legendary Buck Pelt x1 This guide will help players locate it. One of the first animals you’ll want to test your hunting skills on in Red Dead Redemption 2 is the badger. It is a herbivore, and consumes nuts, buds, twigs, and green plants. The exact location of this Angus Bull is found just northwest of Wallace Station in Hanging Dog Ranch. This animal is a herbivore, so only a Herbivore Bait will make it appear. Vigilant and fleetfooted, these bucks will flee if they are aware of human nearby. The American Pronghorn Buck is a rather common animal, as it appears in the grasslands found across New Hanover and West Elizabeth. You can always get more herbs and come back to this location, though, if you’d like to begin the process over again. It usually spawns between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. in clear weather during Free Roam. Keeping your distance when hunting deer can increase your chances of a kill. Players will typically find it in the southern region of The Heartlands near Flat Iron Lake east of Flatneck Station. User Info: toransu_purei. The Legendary Snow Buck is a rare species of animal found in Red Dead Online. toransu_purei 2 years ago #8. Craftable Items: The pelt can be used to craft the following item at the Trapper: The Legendary Buck Vest. People on the Rockstar forums were saying the nearby bandit camp stops the Buck from spawning. This Red Dead Redemption 2 bulls location is found just northeast of Heartland … Simply inspect the hoofprints to ingest the herbs and begin your life as a buck. Red Dead Online recently introduced a new Naturalist role in the game.In this role, players are tasked with going out into the world to find rare animals. I cleared the camp before approaching the Legendary Buck spawn and it was ready to go the first time I ever approached the area. The Legendary Mud Runner Buck is a piebald deer. I recorded my first attempt at buck-dom. The second one is a little bit closer to the starting parts of the game. You won’t be able to leave the area or die, otherwise you’ll return to human form.