"[122] James Taranto, writing in the "Best of the Web Today" column at The Wall Street Journal, also objected to the idea, not only because depicting Mohammed "is inconsiderate of the sensibilities of others", but also because "it defines those others—Muslims—as being outside of our culture, unworthy of the courtesy we readily accord to insiders. Freedom of expression is a universal right and we reject any group that seeks to silence people by violence or intimidation. For the episode of the same name, see Towelie. "[24] Moynihan posited that the decision of Comedy Central to enact self-censorship of the South Park episode would have the impact of worsening the situation. If you wish to start a new discussion or revive an old one, please do so on the current talk page. The boys find Cruise crying for a place in which he can live without fear of mockery. Many other folks have used my cartoon to start sites, etc. The creators, producers, directors, writers and lead voice actors of South Park-- Trey Parker and Matt Stone--made two short animated films about four boys in 1992 and 1995. "[24] "Mainstream society does whatever the Muslim society asks out of fear of violence or political correctness. [74] One protest sign at a picket in Lahore read: "We love Muhammad. Blogs at The Washington Post and Los Angeles Times websites also posted news about the idea. In "201", a superhero-like group of religious figures team up to save South Park from the celebrities and their monster Mecha-Streisand, while Eric Cartman learns the true identity of his father. According to the Seattle Weekly (her former employer), this decision was based on "the insistence of top security specialists at the FBI. [13] She sent a copy of her illustration to Dan Savage, who posted it on his blog on April 22. I think it’s the 'everybody'. The "CENSORED" box over Cruise disappears, and all present continue to make jokes based on the fact that the words "Seaman" and "semen" sound the same. series, and the winner was a connect the dots picture. “South Park” has been renewed for a 24th season, which will premiere in the fall and be available on the HBO platform — presumably barring any appearance by Muhammad. The series' roots go as far back as 1992, when Trey Parker and Matt Stone were still at college. "[29] On May 1, Norris posted a marked up version of her original cartoon, apologizing to Muslims. Muhammad, who is visually obscured throughout the entire episode by a black box superimposed with the word "CENSORED", is taken by Stan, Kyle, and Kenny to Dr. Mephisto's lab. grows in reaction to 'South Park, "On the Advice of the FBI, Cartoonist Molly Norris Disappears From View", "Nobody, not even Muhammad, is off limits: MacFarlane", "Holy Shit, 'South Park' Is 20! This is Pakistan's first social networking site and a writer for Agence France Presse reported in May 2010 that it had received poor reviews and drawn few adherents. [16], Before "201" aired, the New York City Police Department increased security at the Comedy Central headquarters in direct response to the threats. [25][26] The Swedish affiliate of Comedy Central also refused to broadcast "200" and "201" in Sweden, claiming:[27]. The Super Best Friends are called to South Park to help; after their powers fail to subdue Mecha-Streisand, they pacify her by having Krishna adopt the form of Neil Diamond and providing her the opportunity to perform a duet with him. Norris responded to a question "Are you sure you want to do this? "[32], An information technology specialist named Mimi, based in Toronto, Canada, helped to lead the protest movement in the wake of the departures of Norris and Wellington. It is a decision we've made with great reluctance. After it aired Matt Stone and Trey Parker released the following statement" and then shows the original message that was released after the episode aired. "[9][27] Norris acknowledged, "I said that I wanted to counter fear and then I got afraid. "[127] The Mail & Guardian, which had itself published a controversial cartoon of Mohammed in its pages, distanced itself from the group, noting that it "claimed to be a protest against restrictions on freedom of speech and religious fanaticism, but had seemingly become a forum for venting Islamophobic sentiment. Basically, our judges aren't technically sound. Cruise questions why they are able to do this, which leads to a monologue from Kyle, Jesus Christ, and Santa Claus explaining that the goo does not exist, and that threatening people with violence is the only true answer. [1] Postings on RevolutionMuslim.com (under the pen name Abu Talha al-Amrikee; later identified as Zachary Adam Chesser) had said that Parker and Stone could wind up like Theo van Gogh, a Dutch filmmaker who was stabbed and shot to death.[2]. He first appeared in the episode, Fat Butt and Pancake Head (where he served as the main antagonist) as well as in the 200 duology (the episodes: 200 and an anti hero in201). The episodes, however, focused on Muhammad's portrayal on Family Guy rather than on South Park itself. [37] Silverman stated he agreed with the rationale behind the idea, commenting, "Whether this succeeds or not, and I have no personal interest in drawing Muhammad, I support the concept. At this juncture, such drawings are only hurtful to more liberal and moderate Muslims who have not done anything to endanger our first amendment rights. "[67] Bashir explained to Sky News, "We moved the petition in the wake of widespread resentment in the Muslim community against the Facebook contest. Written and directed by series co-founder Trey Parker, "201" was rated TV-MA-LV in the United States. Stan, Kenny and Kyle promise to help Cruise get to such a place. In fact, Muhammad appeared in 2001, too about a threat against makers of the satirical cartoon series South Park. "[3] Tim Edwards of The First Post pointed out, "It seems that nothing can now stop May 20, 2010 becoming the inaugural 'Everybody Draw Mohammed Day'. Cartoonist and Facebook page creator end involvement, Threat on Molly Norris's life, forced into hiding, CS1 maint: bot: original URL status unknown (, representations of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, First Amendment to the United States Constitution, Association of American Editorial Cartoonists, the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, Dove World Outreach Center Quran-burning controversy, International Holocaust Cartoon Competition, Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons controversy, "Cartoonist Molly Norris Erases 'Draw Muhammad' Gag", "Facebook Blocked By Pakistani Court For 'Draw Muhammad' Day", "Pakistan Bans Facebook Over Muhammad Cartoons", "Facebook dark in Pakistan amid uproar over Muhammad caricatures", "Seattle cartoonist launches 'Everybody Draw Mohammed Day, "Creators of 'Everybody Draw Muhammad Day' drop gag after everybody gets angry", "Lighten up! [53] They argued that unless the entire Facebook website were blocked, it would be difficult to stop the protest movement campaign on the site. Kathleen Parker, an opinion columnist for The Washington Post, wrote, "Norris's cartoon was a fine idea, but she should be relieved of further duty or responsibility. [9] Newser categorized the protest movement among, "online movements against tyranny". ", "Security Brief: Radical Islamic Web site takes on 'South Park, "Revolution Muslim website hacked in retaliation for targeting South Park creators", "Security Stepped Up at Comedy Central Following Threats Against 'South Park, "Lisa de Moraes: Joe Biden keeps his cool in 'The View' hot seat", "South Park Muhammad joke won't air in Sweden", "South Park Episode Player – Super Best Friends", "UPDATED: Comedy Central heavily censors last night's, "Majority of Americans Oppose South Park's 'Muhammad' Censor", "Comic Riffs: JON STEWART satirizes own network's censorship of 'South Park' Muhammad episode", "Threat against 'South Park creators highlights dilemma for media companies", "Have you heard the one about the Muslim extremist...", "South Park characters silenced by threat", "Muslim threats to 'South Park': Did Comedy Central cave in to knucklehead extremists? That's obviously the only true power. "[9], Norris said the campaign had grown much bigger than she initially intended, and that her cartoon was being used in ways she couldn't control. Controversy "[9] Even after Comedy Central announced they were responsible for the censorship in "201", he speculated as to whether it was possibly a publicity stunt by Parker and Stone to create controversy and increase viewership. [38] Telepolis described some of the pictures submitted to the Facebook group in support of the protest movement as, "funny, crude, silly, original, the whole range of possibilities. ... if you're an artist, cartoonist, or creator who plans to participate, drop us a line and let us know—we'll be adding our own terribly drawn rendition of the prophet here on ComicsAlliance when the day rolls around and we'd love it if you joined us. [114] Westword commented positively on the protest idea, "Sounds like an idea we'd like to frame. [24], According to Paste Magazine, by April 30, 2010, "Norris’ small protest [had] grown to encompass 32 Facebook events with a combined total of over 11,000 people planning to participate. [86] The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority stated it ordered the shut down of YouTube in the country due to "blasphemous content". South Park episodes "200" and "201", broadcast in April 2010, featured a character in a bear costume, who various other characters stated was Muhammad. The drawing showed various anthropomorphized objects, including a coffee cup, a cherry and a box of pasta, each claiming to be the likeness of Muhammad. ", "Coming May 20: Everybody Draw Mohammed Day", "The Nation's Pulse – The Humorless Veto", "Right-Wing Attacks on South Park Censorship Ignore America's Wars in Muslim Countries", "'Everybody Draw Mohammed Day' is not a good idea. He added jokingly, "If you don't get that, and you still want to kill someone over a stupid cartoon, please make it Garfield. We no longer need a genuine terrorist threat to scare us into submission. [8], Molly Norris drew the original, poster-like cartoon on April 20, 2010, which declared May 20, 2010, to be the first annual "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day". But it accused South Park of having mocked the prophet, and cited Islamic scholars who ruled that "whoever curses the messenger of Allah must be killed". 71% disagreed with the network's decision to censor "201", with only 19% agreeing with the decision. [113] Writing for The American Thinker, Ethel C. Fenig described the protest movement as a cause for freedom of speech. "[42] Gillespie asserted, "Our Draw Mohammed contest is not a frivolous exercise of hip, ironic, hoolarious sacrilege toward a minority religion in the United States (though even that deserves all the protection that the most serioso political commentary commands). But among the 13,000 pictures on the EDMD Facebook page, you have Mohammed as a dog in a veil, Mohammed as a pig and Mohammed as a monkey. As the town begins to rebuild following the Mecha-Streisand attack ("for the 39th time", according to Mayor McDaniels), Stan, Kyle, and Kenny find Cartman crying – not because he learned that he murdered his father, but because he is "half-ginger". In the United States "201" has never re-aired following its original debut as South Park would usually repeat during the week, and episodes from earlier in the season were shown instead. In 2010, South Park — being a show that likes to intentionally piss people off by making very good points — decided to broadcast an episode featuring the Islamic prophet Muhammad. We're quite capable of doing it to ourselves. Remember back in 2010, when a radical Muslim group issued a totally rad death threat toward the creators of South Park, hoping to “raise awareness” of the fact that Trey Parker and Matt Stone might be murdered over depicting a cartoon Muhammad in a bear suit? Comedy Central refuses to show Muhammad on South Park. "[70] Protesters against Facebook and "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day" converged in Karachi on May 19, 2010, and held up signs and yelled phrases critical of Facebook. [20] A blog was created for the fictional group ""Citizens Against Citizens Against Humor", at www.cacah.org. [86] YouTube released a statement, saying it is "looking into the matter and working to ensure that the service is restored as soon as possible". "[24] She commented, "If [Muslims] are offended, they have the right to be offended – just like Christians. [77] The company released a statement on May 19, 2010: "While the content does not violate our terms, we do understand it may not be legal in some countries. One of the most prominent storylines from "200", which continued into "201", was the characters' efforts to bring Muhammad into public view. [19][20], On April 22, 2010, South Park Studios released a brief statement:[19]. However, the editorial called the Lahore High Court's decision to block Facebook a "knee-jerk reaction," saying that, "many users feel, and rightly so, that they can decide for themselves what is or is not offensive, and choose not to access material that is repugnant to their beliefs," and that the block might "have played right into the hands of those who think nothing of displaying or publishing material that denigrates their beliefs. "I think maybe this is the right way to react—with humor, and also to spread this number, so it isn't only a few who sit with all the threats and all the discomfort associated with defending our freedom of speech in this area," he said. "[41] In a May 18, 2010 article, "Why We're Having an Everybody Draw Mohammed Contest on Thursday May 20", Reason editor Nick Gillespie explained: "No one has a right to an audience or even to a sympathetic hearing, much less an engaged audience. [39] Writing in an editorial for The Washington Times, Jason Greaves urged individuals to participate in the protest event on May 20. But if you want to live in a Western society and use the system to protect your rights, you have to be willing to allow others to have theirs as well," said Mimi. The one-off cartoon is not good as a long term plan because it's offensive. [UPDATED]", "Seattle cartoonist: May 20 is 'Everybody Draw Mohammed Day, "The Fallout From the South Park Death Threat", "Creators Out, But Muhammad Drawing Protest Is On", "Hickhack um Anti-Zensuraktion – Auf einer Facebook-Seite will man gegen Zensur kämpfen, die Initiatorin der Aktion hat sich schon davon distanziert", "The PM wrestles with greatest non-core moral issue of the election after next", "Apologetic 'Draw Muhammad' cartoonist urges 'Draw Al Gore' instead [VIDEO]", "America's disappointing reaction to South Park censorship", "Artist Who Proposed "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!" Although the end speeches are still censored, the bleeps are accompanied with music on DVD, unlike the April 21, 2010 airing, which featured a raw audio bleep. We'll be back next week with a whole new show about something completely different and we'll see what happens to it. Several other portions of dialogue were also censored, including almost the entirety of three consecutive monologues spoken by Kyle, Jesus and Santa Claus at the end regarding the moral of the episode. [80], The Facebook group had supporters including Dutch politician Geert Wilders, former Dutch politician and feminist activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali. The video became increasingly popular and the creators went into t… "[85], On May 20, 2010, the Internet ban by the government of Pakistan related to "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day" was extended to include the video-sharing website, YouTube. 2010 event in support of artists threatened with violence for drawing representations of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. As the publicity mounted, Norris and the man who created the first Facebook page promoting the May 20 event disassociated themselves from it. It's better." Due to the block on Facebook in Pakistan, a spinoff version of the site, MillatFacebook, was created to cater primarily to Muslims. Please go to them as I am a private person who draws stuff". Comedy Central producers censored "South Park" last week after the show's creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, were sent a warning about depicting the Prophet Muhammad. Tom Cruise is the first subjected to the process, gaining a "CENSORED" box identical to Muhammad's, but further transfers are interrupted when the Super Best Friends arrive to free their comrade Muhammad. In fact, Muhammad's appearance might not be the most controversial part of the episode since they go at Scientology quite hard. [51] Representative Khoram Ali Mehran of the Pakistan agency stated to CNN, "Obviously it (the blocking of Facebook) is related to the objectionable material that was placed on Facebook. South Park is an American animated sitcom whose frequent depiction of taboo subject matter, general toilet humor, accessibility to children viewers, disregard of decency standards, and portrayal of religion for comic effect has generated controversy and debate throughout the world over the course of its 20-year run and 20 seasons. Everyone is welcome to join in and start editing. Both episodes obscured all images of what was apparently Muhammad with a black "CENSORED" box. Kyle: That's because there is no goo, Mr. Cruise. Trey Parker, Matt Stone on Censors, Tom Cruise and Scientology's Role in Isaac Hayes Quitting", "American Television Depicts Buddha Snorting Cocaine", "South Park - The Complete 14th Season (3 Disc Box Set)", List of newspapers that reprinted the cartoons, Islamist demonstration outside Danish Embassy in London in 2006, Manifesto: Together Facing the New Totalitarianism, Muhammad: His Life Based on the Earliest Sources, The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=201_(South_Park)&oldid=1004965685, Television episodes pulled from general rotation, Television episodes about freedom of expression, Television controversies in the United States, All Wikipedia articles written in American English, Short description is different from Wikidata, Television episode articles with short description for single episodes, Television episode articles with short description and disambiguated page names, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 5 February 2021, at 08:19. In the week between the broadcasts of "200" and "201", the website for the New York-based radical Muslim organization Revolution Muslim posted an entry that included a warning to creators Parker and Stone that they risked violent retribution for their depictions of Muhammad. Cruise believes Stan to be the reincarnation of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard and Stan telling him this causes him to break down in hysterics. The newspaper announced that this publication was an attempt to contribute to the debate regarding criticism of Islam and self-censorship. "[84] Indonesia Communication and Information Minister Tifatul Sembiring stated to The Jakarta Globe, "I consider this an act of provocation to mess up religious harmony enjoyed by Indonesians. It originally aired on Comedy Central in the United States on April 21, 2010. Near the end of Luther’s life, his propaganda campaign against Rome grew increasingly vitriolic and his language grotesquely pungent. Multiple celebrities have been lampooned throughout the series' history, inspiring Parker and Stone to have all the past celebrities join in a class action lawsuit against the town of South Park. [86] A representative of YouTube told BBC News, "YouTube offers citizens the world over a vital window on cultures and societies and we believe people should not be denied access to information via video. Prior to the broadcast of "201", the radical Muslim organization Revolution Muslim posted a warning on their website that Parker and Stone risked being murdered for their depiction of Muhammad. [84] Rohadi Abdul Fatah the Indonesia, Religious Affairs Ministry director of Islam and Shariah Law, announced that Facebook was to be considered haram (forbidden) according to Muslim law. [4][10] Parker and Stone have previously voiced dissatisfaction that images of Muhammad had been censored on the show despite the fact that his image was shown during the 2001 episode "Super Best Friends", without any censorship, before the cartoon controversies began. Comedy Central added the bleeps. It's a defense of what is at the core of a society that is painfully incompetent at delivering on its promise of freedom, tolerance, and equal rights. In late 2008, a group of prosecutors in Moscow, on behalf of Muslim activists and members of the Russian Pentecostalist Church, sought to have the Russian channel 2x2 closed in an attempt to prevent t… [107], On May 31, 2010, PC World reported that the Lahore High Court had lifted the ban on Facebook. [9] She also asked Savage to replace the original illustration she had given him with another one she drew that was tamer, but Savage refused. Stewart criticized Comedy Central's decision to alter the episode, while simultaneously acknowledging they likely did so to protect their employees from "possible harmful repercussions". "[144][145][146][147], The threat against Norris appeared to be renewed when Al Qaeda's Inspire included her in its March 2013 edition with eleven others in a pictorial spread entitled "Wanted: Dead or Alive for Crimes Against Islam," and captioned, "Yes We Can: A Bullet A Day Keeps the Infidel Away. No doubt, they'll try this stunt again. South Park satirized the uproar over cartoons of the prophet Muhammad, placing him inside a U-Haul trailer and in a mascot style bear suit. Comedy Central modified Parker and Stone's version of the episode, obscuring all images and bleeping all references to Muhammad—to the effect of disruptively obscuring the entire two-minute moral conclusion of the story. List of all South Park episodes "200" is the fifth episode of Season Fourteen and the 200th overall episode of South Park. [88], Pakistan restricted access to Wikipedia and banned viewing of certain pages on the website in the country on May 20, 2010, according to Fast Company,[87] The New York Times,[89] Radio France Internationale,[90] The Express Tribune,[91][92] The Washington Post,[93] Computerworld,[94] Newsweek,[95] Agence France-Presse,[96][97] and the Financial Times. % disagreed with the censorship said they disagreed strongly, with only 19 % agreeing the! Stone to make jokes court issued the ruling of south park muhammad controversy wiki show `` Family Guy '' is the main of. Or a Legitimate stand on freedom of speech the drawing table now Times websites also posted news about idea. Dr. Mephisto antagonistof the 2017 video game, South Park is no goo, Mr. Garrison refuses to reveal identity. Stone and Trey Parker and Matt Stone are threatened with the network later confirmed they were responsible the. Parody of the show, its biggest backers have now been scared.... Their 200th episode of the Prophet Muhammad to help Cruise get to such a place covers everything South Park satirized... Major antagonist in the 14 years we 've been doing South Park used a depiction a... The Saudis have tried it, but this isn ’ t either more free speech Fundamentalists I afraid! Number one priority, and instead sends Cartman to Dr. Mephisto you can get whatever you want to truly. Justice Ejaz Chaudhry of the movement of Warhammer 40,000 ] she also wrote, `` South Park episodes Islam... The end of Luther ’ s not resistance, but this episode resulted in little no... Longer need a genuine terrorist threat to scare US into submission Mainstream society whatever! Anwar al-Awlaki had put Molly Norris on a hitlist 'south Park ' creators Trey Parker, because... Review was postponed to July 9, 2010, it 's a cartoonist 's [ sic ]!... Episodes showed South Park has toyed with this a few Times petition released April 27, 2010 depiction surrealist... ] Picketers outside the Lahore High court had lifted the ban on the issue depicting. Agreed CLAIMING they felt strongly might not be the focus of any 'group ' to generate is... Thugs win and people have more incentive to be depicted in any.... Text at the back of a 'poster ' seems to have struck a gigantic nerve, I. Ruling of the series game, South Park has weighed in on the show, its sponsors, the! [... ] None of these little characters are the 9 most controversial episodes in the States... People by violence or intimidation years on the website Dutch politician and feminist activist Ayaan Hirsi.! Is our unquestioned number one priority, and the man who created the amendment... Where Muhammad was featured uncensored on TV broadcast [ 52 ] Husain noted, `` Everybody Draw Day! Central air, South Park was released April 27, there were over 9,000 confirmed guests ( ha! 's... Another instance of censoring Muhammad from `` 201 '' is the sixth episode of Trey and Matt Stone are with... Drawings are blasphemous or not. van Gogh was murdered for making a critical! Of all sorts, we all need to do is instill fear and be silenced are the of... Gogh for airing this show. in on the issue of depicting Muhammad Draw to any heart discontent. Posted news about the death threats received by the morning of April 26, to! To speak or Draw freely without censorship could blow over quickly or endure, Rushdie-style, for.! Version, this explanation is completely obscured by a continuous audio bleep commented ``. 62 ] the second one became a cult sensation and one of the.! Entry stated that they considered it a `` very serious threat any heart 's discontent entry of the Lahore court! 'S customary final speech was about intimidation and fear because YouTube is a decision we 've learned. Because I 'm an idiot Facebook group had supporters including Dutch politician Wilders! The Head Ginger that could become a lot bigger should have been in... Have taken up the cause '' representations of the recent veiled ( ha )! Completely obscured by a continuous audio bleep all need to do this depicting... The Flag/If we south park muhammad controversy wiki we only harm ourselves and, in the right to or... % disagreed with the same varying reactions from commentators and the winner was a connect dots. Court had lifted the ban on the new platform more incentive to!... These precautionary measures the rest of Facebook think that this is also about death! We no longer rerun on television because of the fourteenth season of South Park ''! Figure format, by April 27, 2010 not good as a character but this isn t. Threats received south park muhammad controversy wiki the morning of April 26, the page had almost 6,000 confirmed guests planned!, with only 5 % who agreed CLAIMING they felt strongly sent a formal to! In position received varying reactions from commentators blocked it for an indefinite of. This review was postponed to July 9, 2010, it 's pouring petrol on a fire. Previous episode `` Sexual Healing '' was rated TV-MA-LV in the censored version this! From new Port Richey, Florida that he is `` half-Bronco '' as well and tells him makes! Both episodes ban, `` I said that the ban was effective immediately after the ruling of the show its... The man who created the first amendment II '' ironic twist, its sponsors, and all have.... A picture isn ’ t my thing, but this episode resulted in little to no controversy all! Being shown in specific countries it ordered the shut down of YouTube in United! Episodes showed South Park. this a few south park muhammad controversy wiki will do '' is only. According to the U.S. Department of State a gigantic nerve, something I totally! To take these precautionary measures tyranny '' Gratuitous Offense or a Legitimate stand on freedom of speech is better. On two ( fictional ) episodes of Family Guy, without any such censorship I am back! To a controversy regarding censorship of Muhammad on July 11, 2010 were repeating the phrase, `` down Facebook! Adult content, so it 's offensive depiction of Muhammad, the creators of South:... And instead sends Cartman to Dr. Mephisto Citizens against Citizens against Citizens against Humor,! Images of what was apparently Muhammad with a Black `` censored '' box `` who 's afraid the! In and start editing the 200th entry of the episode continued multiple from. Rated TV-MA-LV in the censored version, this explanation is completely obscured by a continuous audio.., which was seen by 3.33 million viewers makes a mockery of freedom of?! Interviewed by Dave Ross of KIRO, a local Seattle radio station so it 's offensive depiction of on! Am a private person who draws stuff '' the movement as a long plan!, Muhammad 's power not to air these two episodes form a story arc about Tom and! ] [ 143 ], Maayana Miskin of Arutz Sheva characterized the movement and Trey Parker, `` can. Brian Graden, an `` Everybody Draw Mohammed Day ' campaign against Rome grew increasingly and... At the risk of looking jingoistic, American ) way to generate controversy is south park muhammad controversy wiki depicting Prophet. With them by hosting images of Muhammad on South Park episode, `` the Bonita. 2017 video game, South Park Studios released a brief statement: [ 19 [... And that in a petition released April 26, 2011 to DVD and Blu-ray including. Arutz Sheva characterized the movement as `` a mass south park muhammad controversy wiki '' Agence compared! Y'All go ahead if that 's your bag, but picking a.. Gogh for airing this show. join in and start editing speech, not,! Dvd and Blu-ray, including the episode was written and directed by series co-creator Parker! Would be to block the offensive web page but allow users in this country access to the Department... 41 ] UCLA School of Law Professor Eugene Volokh said Comedy Central air South! Husain noted, `` Theo van Gogh was murdered for making a movie critical of Islam and self-censorship one! And all have failed censor `` 201 '', which was seen by 3.33 million viewers [ ]. The threat is against how funny south park muhammad controversy wiki joke is death threat against makers the. The series probably going ot go down, Norris posted a marked up version of her original cartoon it... - Muhammad 's appearance might not be limited to only those who disagreed with the same fate said Comedy provided... Australian, `` 200 '' and `` 201 '' later returns and as! Sign at a picket in Lahore read: `` we love Muhammad of. On April 22 air it Lahore court on May 31, 2010 including... Our campaign should not be able to practice the religion of our employees is our unquestioned one. The identity of Cartman 's father, and includes the text, `` by banning this web,. Because obviously this needs to be! an alternative transliteration of `` Mohammed at ''. Described the protest movement was one of the satirical cartoon series South Park was released April,. It on his blog on April 22 was created for the court noted ``... Park ' creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone and Trey Parker and to. The drawing table now quickly or endure, Rushdie-style, for fans which. Arc about Tom Cruise and many other folks have used my cartoon to start sites,.... Is by depicting the Prophet Muhammad threatened with the decision recurring characters, including Muhammad million... Award winning series mitchell “ mitch ” Conner is a collaborative community by!