} You can begin to renovate your plant now by pinching back the growing tips on all three stems. Polka dot Begonias are part of the so-called cane begonias. display: inline !important; If growing them outside … Growing new plants from cuttings is fairly easy. Polka dot plant likes a fertile soil. Pinch out any off-shoots once they reach 15 inches in length. } Pink polka dot plants prefer moist soil but suffer if soil remains soggy. They seem to shrivel and die on me quickly. Registered Radiologic Technologist, In order to prevent this from happening, pinch the plant back on a weekly basis. Polka Dots tend to get leggy with age, so keep it pinched back to no taller than about 16 inches. it isnt fed or put in hot sun. Cut back on the water a bit to stop this issue. Cane begonias have these a-symmetrical angel wing leaves growing on long bamboo-like stems. Hello! Put them in a mass of ferns or ivies, and their colors will stand out in bright contrast. Splash varieties showcase lots of the pink, white, or red coloring, while the spots on Confetti varieties are more sporadic. /* ]]> */ I was thinking of propagating my polka dot plant bc it’s gotten really leggy. It’s also got brown ends and is not looking very good. But again it depends on the plant. To encourage fuller growth and maintain the desired shape and size, pinch back the stem tips periodically throughout the growing season. /*