Black Lagoon is a very popular anime series. We also will shortly have a list or top 10 characters from Black Lagoon. Some people may find this concerning as it may hinder the possibility of anime adaption ceasing altogether. You can reach out to me on Instagram: @cradleview Apart from that, the series has also gained massive popularity so it is likely that the makers will opt for another season. Ich liebe Black Lagoon und ihre ausserordentlich guten Charaktere. So even in Black Lagoon Season 4, we can see that how far does Rokurou go amid the dark world of crime. The reason for this is that the source material (the manga) has already been written. on Black Lagoon – Why a season 4 is likely, and the time it will premier, Hajimete no Gal – Season 2 Potential Premier Date, Unisex Short Sleeve Black Lagoon T-Shirt (Revy), Unisex Heavy Highscool Of The Dead Cotton Tee (Miyamoto, Busujima andTakagi), Mixed-Fabric Hyouka Face Mask (Eru Chitanda), Unisex Heavy Hyouka Cotton Tee (Chitanda), Clear Black Lagoon Iphone 12 Case (Revy, Balalaika and The Blood Hound), Unisex Short Sleeve Grand Blue T-Shirt (Chisa), Mixed-Fabric Kakeguiri Face Mask (Saotome), Unisex Kakegurui Short Sleeve T-Shirt (Saotome). 2 2012 Jormungand, Season 1 2014 GARO THE ANIMATION, Season 1, Pt. Jetzt Staffel 1 von Black Lagoon und weitere Staffeln komplett als gratis HD-Stream mehrsprachig online ansehen. What we mean by this, is that there is nothing preventing any studio, not just Madhouse from making more seasons of Black Lagoon. Black Lagoon is so memorable in fact that I couldn’t even re-watch it and still probably wont until at least another year. thank you. But it has been several years since the previous season released and we have been waiting for Black Lagoon Season 4. Black Lagoon has received two anime TV series, an OVA, and a light novel penned by Gen Urobochi. Full Metal Panic Season 5 – Will it happen? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The two seasons, each twelve episodes in length, are titled Black Lagoon— which was co-produced by Shogakukan—and Black Lagoon: The Second … A fugitive counterfeiter named Jane arrives at the Church of Violence, hoping to find shelter. Black Lagoon is illustrated in a very engaging and dynamic sort of way which completely captured my attention throughout season. It’s a well known fact that certain anime series such as Full Metal Panic, Clannad and even Black Lagoon go on hiatus for long periods of time, sometimes even up to 10 years. I don’t plan on re-watching it soon because I don’t want it to become accustomed to me. So is there a possibility that the anime series will come with another season? Посмотреть онлайн Пираты черной лагуны - 4 серия 2 сезона (Второй залп - The Second Barrage) в русской озвучке I will be explaining below why it is very likely season 4 will happen and when it will take place. The manga series first released on April 2016. I just binged watched all the episodes, and I wanted to know if they are planning to release another season. We would like to stress this to our readers and other Black Lagoon fans. I think the producers didn’t know if they would get another season and I think this is why they chose to end it this way. Will he ever leave his new gang, Mercury? The story follows a team of pirates/mercenaries known as Lagoon Company, that smuggles goods in and around the seas of Southeast Asia in the early 1990s. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. 2 2012 Steins;Gate, Pt. I write articles for sites such as you can get in touch with me by emailing: If you’re looking for a new in depth view with more information consider checking out this article about Netflix originals and what this means for Black Lagoon as it’s on Netflix: So, as you can see, the hopes for a season are high, and these are the main reasons. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Wie schon einige wissen sind ja die neuen Bände von Black Lagoon in Japan released. It's been almost 10 years since the OVAs last aired, doubt a property so relatively old will be picked up again. Black Lagoon is an anime series adapted from the titular manga series by Rei Hiroe.Directed by Sunao Katabuchi and produced by Madhouse, it consists of two seasons produced for television, and one in original video animation format. Like I said in another thread about this, I find it more likely if there's a 'Black Lagoon: Brothethood' than a new season. But things take a turn when he gets kidnapped by a criminal gang called Black Lagoon which had unfinished business with Okajima. Rock! I write blogs, post news on entertainment topics and more. Basically, if Madhouse doesn’t continue its production of the anime, another studio will.