Typo Hunt

I strive to give my readers the best experience possible. Each of my books undergoes numerous rounds of editing. Even so, typos occasionally may slip through and appear in a published book. How embarrassing...

All typos will be obliterated on sight. Help me see them!

Use the site's Contact feature to point them out. If you're the first to notify me of a typo or grammatical error in one of my books, you get a prize:

Your choice of an Amazon MP3

(value to $1.29)

or a

Free eBook Version of one my titles

(Kindle, Nook or Smashwords)

1) Purposely misspelled words don't count. Examples: Words a young character misspells when writing a letter; Words lacking the ending 'g' but showin' the apostrophe instead.
2) Sorry. Odd formatting issues don't count. The various conversion programs have a habit of throwing those in and, unless I have the same device and version you're using, I won't be able to see them to make repairs.

I know they're out there. Hurry. Go get 'em before somebody else does!